My PhD thesis is entitled Algorithms for River Network Analysis. The full text can be downloaded here.

The thesis contains many figures, which are almost all created with Ipe (for 2D figures) and Blender. On this page, you can download the Ipe and Blender source for a selection of figures.

Ipe figures are provided in PDF format. You’ll need a recent Ipe version (for example 7.2.12) and the thesis-figure-style.isy Ipe style file to properly open them. Related figures are generally grouped together in a single PDF file with several pages. For easy inclusion on websites and the like, SVG files (generated from the Ipe source by iperender) are provided as well.

Blender source files can be opened with Blender 2.79. To convert a Blender figure into an Ipe figure, I first rendered the figure normally into a raster image with Cycles, and then I rendered an SVG image containing the outlines with Freestyle. These two images are then combined into an Ipe figure. The process is shown in more detail here. Note that in many cases I extensively edited the resulting figure in Ipe.

All figures on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which in short means that anyone is free to re-use them for any purpose, provided that credit is given.


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