TI-84+ programs

On this page you can find some programs that I created for the TI-84+ graphic calculator. Most of them probably also work on the TI-83+, although I did not test that.

I wrote those programs some years ago, mainly in breaks between lessons. They were often not really intended to be released. This means that the interface to all programs is in Dutch, and the code style is horrible (but, well, that is basically unavoidable in TI-Basic – pun intended). You can put the programs on your calculator using TI Connect, the linking software that is included with the calculator, or TiLP, a free software alternative.

All of the programs here are released under the CC0, that is, public domain. That basically means that can do whatever you want with them :)

Note: I did not test all of these programs yet after retrieving them from a dark corner of my hard disk ;) They may or may not work for you.

The programs

Name Description
BINAIR A decimal-to-binary converter. Non-integers are also supported; they will be represented by negative powers of 2 after the period. So for example the number 3.25 would be converted to 11.01.
KLOK A simple analog clock. (Definitely does not work on the TI-83+ since that calculator lacks a hardware clock.)
TYPSNEL Learn to type faster on your calculator: this program shows keys and asks you to press them as quickly as possible.
There are more programs to come...