Constructed languages

I am interested in constructed languages. Those are languages that did not evolve naturally, but are created deliberately.


Na'vi is the language that was created for the film Avatar. It is a language that sounds beautiful in my opinion.

I created some small tools to help with Na'vi grammar.

Also, you can view the current weather information in Na'vi on this page.

You can also read the entire page (and also some other pages on this website) in Na'vi; for that click the language chooser above and pick nìNa'vi.

An example of Na'vi

Kaltxì! Oeru fko syaw Wllìm.
Ngaru lu fpom srak?

(Hello! My name is Willem.
Are you well?
See you soon!)


Lojban is a language that was constructed with the goal to create a parseable language. This means that a computer is able to find out the grammatical structure of a sentence. Unfortunately my knowledge of Lojban is rather bad currently.

There are several parsers for Lojban, but they all give rather cryptic output. I made a front-end to the camxes parser that tries to make its output a bit clearer. This front-end is available here.

An example of Lojban

.i coi .i mi se cmene zo .uilym.
.i xu do kanro
.i co'o

(This means roughly the same as the Na'vi example above.)