Powerline is an easy way to make your shell prompt more informative (and fancy). One of the things it shows is the exit code (if non-zero) of the last command. It seems also useful to show the duration of the last command.


C++ is really fun to work with, but it does make it really easy sometimes to shoot yourself in the foot.


A few days ago our family laptop was upgraded to Windows 10, coming from Windows 8.1. Let’s have a look how well it works…


I’m not sure if anyone reads this, but still. and all subdomains will be temporarily unavailable from 2015-07-01 22:00 to 2015-07-02 03:00 (UTC) because of planned maintenance at my hosting provider.


In the book Discrete Wiskunde by J. H. van Lint and J. W. Nienhuys, I found something interesting about how student identity numbers are formed at the TU/e (my university).


In this post I want to explain a little-known (at least to me) feature of the Ipe drawing editor: you can use a so-called clipping path to restrict the drawing of an object to a certain arbitrarily-shaped area.


If a method returns a collection, you often don’t want the caller to be able to mess around with the resulting collection.


This is an interesting trick that I noticed if you are running KWin: you can very easily forcefully quit a program. Press Ctrl + Alt + Esc, and the cursor is replaced by a skull. Then click the program you want to kill, and it is gone immediately. If you accidentally pressed the shortcut and you don’t want to kill any program, just click on the right mouse button to dismiss the function.


You may have noticed on some pages of this site that I license quite some things under CC0. For example, the Blob font and some programs for graphics calculators. That basically means that everyone can do whatever they like with it: you are allowed to use it, modify it, sell it, remove my name from it and say you made it (although that would be kind of rude), and so on. In this article I want to explain why I do this.


Today when I was working on a small QML program, I ran into a very stupid bug. I used a Timer to make something happen after five seconds.


Welcome to my site :) I don’t really know yet what I will be writing here, but oh well.